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Merchandise Description

Cylinder CZPT ng & Milling CZPT (BM160 B160)

This machine is primarily employed for restore small-middle sized motor blocks and head
Design and style by Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.n CZPT , easy to operationtouch display screen handle.
Spless pace adjust sevro motor control
Cutter pouch spindle and the spindle holder, offer higher precise and performance.
Centralized lubricate method make certain the CZPT life for the machine use and effortless for routine maintenance
multi-choice of equipment, unexciting, milling, drilling and reaming are all CZPT . 
As nicely as motor-cycle blocks.


Model BM160 B160
Control System EasyTouch 3 Axis With out
Boring Capacity 160 mm
Max. Boring Depth 350 mm
Max. Milling Area ( L×W ) 300×800 mm Without Milling
Spindle Speed 50 ~ 780 rpm  stepless
Spindle Feeding 10 ~ 900 mm / min(.01 ~ 0.2 mm / r )
Rated Torque of Boring at 50-500 rpm 120 N.M
Rated Torque of Boring at 500-780 rpm 100 N.M.
Spindle Traverse 550 mm
Distance Between Spindle End Face and Work Table 0 ~ 700 mm
Distance between Spindle Axis and Carriage Vertical Plane 335 mm
Longitudinal Feeding of Work Table by Electric 30 ~ 1200 mm / min Hand Movement
Longitudinal Quick Travel of Work Table by Electric 1200 mm / min Hand Movement
Longitudinal Traverse of Work Table 830 mm
Cross Traverse of Work Table 70 mm
Work Table Size  ( L×W ) 400×1100 mm
Boring Accuracy H7
  Roundness for Boring 0.005 mm
Working Accuracy Cylindricity for Boring 0.015 mm / 300 mm
  Flatness for Milling .0127 mm / 305 mm Without Milling
Surface Roughness Dull Ra 0.eight
Milling Ra 0.eight Without Milling
Power of Spindle Motor 4 kW
Motor Power of Work Table Movement .4 kW Hand Movement
Motor Power of Spindle Vertical Movement 0.4 kW
Overall dimensions ( L×W×H ) 2670×1170×1920 mm
Package Size 2200×1200×2200 mm
N.W. 1800 Kg
G.W. 2100 Kg

Normal Accessories        
common adaptor for milling cutter head and bush        
spindle 52mm ( Φ50-Φ125mm)        
spindel 60mm ( Φ60-Φ160mm)        
milling cutter head Φ300mm        
toolholder & uninteresting cutters        
measuring device        
common cylinder fixture      
Optional Accessories        
dull spindle 30mm ( Φ31-Φ54mm)                
bush with No.3 morse taper                                
interior micrometer                                                 
cutter grinder                                                      
motorcylce cylinder fixture                                  
Universal cylinder head fixture                             
30 diploma and 45 diploma V-fixture for unexciting               
30 degree and forty five degree V-fixture for boring & milling          

china Cheap Cylinder Boring Machine (BM160 B160) manufacturers