china Cost Clb Road Construction Heat Insulation Bitumen Asphalt Pump manufacturers

Product Description

CLB Street CZPT Warmth Insulation BiHangZhou/Asphalt Pump

CLB kind asphalt pump is rotary kind, mostly composed by the pump human body, frame, driving gear and pushed equipment and safety valve, and so on. Driving shaft is supported by an extra oil bush, via oil cup additional HG – 24 saturation cylinder lubrication oil. Both sides of the pump with belt cone thread link head so as to link to import a pipeline, the taper pin program has interior thread in buy to eliminate. The seal paper pad is utilised to adjust the gear axial clearance, this gap by unidirectional in .05-.08 mm.

Operating principal

When working, medium into suction cavity through the rotation of the gear, the medium pressure into The drain cavity and outflow. Alter the handwheel can alter the output flow, when the correct hand From hand to hand wheel, the reduction valve is top open, pump that is missing output stress and end drainage
When the hand wheel rotation, the aid valve is recovery impact, medium regular output.


Mainly utilized for pumping, transportation and spray large temperature of asphalt (residue) liquid, the Most appropriate for highway and sq. design of asphalt (residue) spray perform, also can be in normal Temperature for suction, conveying the high risky, reduced flash level of petroleum goods, these kinds of as all Kinds of oil, equipment oil and heavy oil, and so on.

Kind CLB-50 CLB-100 CLB-a hundred and fifty CLB-two hundred
L/min 50 one hundred one hundred fifty two hundred
Mpa 1. 1. .eight .8
r/min 800 five hundred 500 500
Kw two.2 three.five 4.five 5.five
Diameter G1″ G1 1/2″ G1 1/2″ G2″
kg 17 thirty 35 forty


Taper lock bushing proportions are outlined by 4 digits symbolizing two numbers. The first two digits depict the highest bore diameter and the last two digits signify the bushing duration. For case in point, element amount 1008 has a highest ID of 1.” and an ID dimension of .8″ inches, with the general duration specified as a whole variety of inches followed by a fraction. For instance, a 1.5″ diameter gap would be 1-1/2. Metric gap sizes are indicated by “MM” after the metric dimension (X 25MM). Simple to put in and take away, these bushings suit on tapered bushing sprockets, or pulley. Bushing touches and wedges inwards, clamping sprocket shaft and bore. Bushing has an 8° taper and is produced of steel with a black oxide coating.
china Cost Clb Road Construction Heat Insulation Bitumen Asphalt Pump manufacturers