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Solution Description

China Roller Chain With Unique Attachment

These are attachments which can be equipped to common roller chains. This would then make a roller chain suitable for conveying products. Attachments can be provided with possibly 1, 2 or 3 holes and the attachments can be upright or correct angled or complete specials to match any application.

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  CZPT  was established in 2005.With “Customer first,quality first” service concept, we had become one of the main export chain and transmission equipments in China. TAI at present mainly produce various specifications of standard and non-standard chains, such as transmission chain, conveyor chain, agricultural chain, motorcycle chain, stainless steel chain, also produce various specifications and materials of chain sprocket, pulley, timing pulley, taper bush and coupling.

Chain No.
P G L F W h4 d4
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
C208AF1 twenty five.4 19. twenty 38.three 8.eight four.1
C2042F1 twenty five.4 19. 25.four 40. nine. 5.2
C2040A1F3 25.4 19. twenty five.4 38.two 19.eight 5.3
C2042AF1F4 twenty five.four 19. 25.four 39.six 5.
C2040A2F1 twenty five.4 19. 9.00 25.4 38.4 nine. five.2
C2042HK1F1 twenty five.4 19. 47. sixty. 7.
C2050A1F6 31.seventy five 23.8 31.eight 49. eleven.4 six.3
C2052A2F1 31.seventy five 19. eleven.ninety 31.8 49. 6.
C2052AF2 31.75 19. fifteen.88 31.eight forty nine. 5.5
C2060K1F1 38.ten 25.eight twelve.70 31.eight 49.two four.8
C2062HK1F5 38.ten 28.six 42.9 sixty eight. 8.5
C2062A1F13 38.ten 28.six 42.9 sixty seven.eight 7.9
C2062A2F6 38.ten thirty. 70.two 98. eight.five
C2062K2F7 38.ten 28.6 14.thirty forty two.9 sixty seven.8 six.
C2060HF3A2 38.10 28.six 14.30 forty two.nine sixty seven.8 6.five
C2062HF15 38.ten 28.6 fourteen.thirty forty two.9 sixty seven.8 five.two
C2060HK1F 38.10 28.6 14.30 forty two.nine sixty seven.eight 14.7 M5
C2062HA1F4 38.ten 28.six 42.nine sixty seven.eight eight.
C2062HK1F5 38.10 twenty. forty five.eight 85.eight 9. 6.eight
C2062HA1F7 38.ten 28.six 42.nine sixty seven.8 14.7 7.9
C2060HA1F7 38.10 28.six 42.nine sixty seven.eight 14.7 five.two
C2060HA1F12 38.10 28. 14.thirty 43.four 61.8 thirteen.9 six.6
C2060HK2F3 38.10 28.6 14.30 forty two.nine sixty four.8 5.
C2062HK2F4 38.10 28.six fourteen.thirty 42.nine fifty six.four 5.two
C2062HK2F5 38.10 28.six 19.10 fifty five.six seventy six. eleven.1 five.five
C216AF3 fifty.eight 39. 19.00 fifty nine. 78.five 23. 7.
C2082A2F1 fifty.eight 39. 19.00 58. eighty two. 21.five seven.
C2082A2F2 50.8 39. 19.10 58. 82. 21.five 10.
C2082K2F5 50.8 38.1 19.ten 120. 140. six.eight
C2080HF fifty.8 38.1 fifty five.6 seventy five.two seventeen.eight 10.
C2082HK1F5 fifty.eight 38.1 fifty five.six 79.six 8.
C2082HA1F6 50.eight 38.1 fifty five.six seventy seven.8 19.1 ten.

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